Watch: Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein Unloads On King Cuomo

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  1. Who is he talking to here? Cuomo or the people of boro park? I am more passionate just listening to this calm, relaxed speech. We need way more fire in our politicians to be heard (and in our prayers too)
    He said the DOH knows we corona spread in our large families. Ugggh!!!! That LeaveS a huge huge opening to force jews into ghetto like corona quarantines. This is just awful!!
    He says to test?? Why?? Why on earth should we just test?? No one else anywhere does that. Its just going to give us higher numbers and make Jews look dirty and like they are spreading disease.
    This is such bad advice. They are punishing Jews. Making Jews the scapegoat. Do not give them more ammunition.

  2. Milah B’Selah SHTIKA B’TRAI !

    Klall Yisroel has GEDOLIM/RABBONIM/REBBES to express klall Yisroel’s View point.

    Not to Mention the damage this causes.

    Just think of how we get turned off by other segments “kvetching”.

  3. You spoke well….until….the insensible suggestion of getting testing! The scientists and doctors have been saying that asymptomatic people wouldnt spread the virus…why test if youre feeling well? I smell some more democratic corruption. I smell a rat. A democRAT!


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