WATCH: Avi Fishoff: Win Them Over With Love

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  1. Avi , if you love rebbeim then instead of berating under skilled teachers give them the skills to succeed .
    Why would you use the internet to publicly admonish ?
    For someone who quotes gedolei hador and as one who had access to them as well have you ever heard them once use a platform open to the public to describe their shortcomings? Maybe (and I doubt even that) at a chinuch conference that is geared for them personally but in public?
    The same love that you have for the troublemaker should be carried over to the rebbe , You have succeeded in only kicking the teacher out instead of the student .
    perhaps either enrich him or create a fund for them to get the skills needed to move on . Treat them the rebbeim with love with love.
    We all know the system isn`t perfect it never was and it never will be . Kids change society changes and teachers change.
    No Rebbe , Rosh Yeshiva, Mechanech , Morah , Rabbi , Rov or anything else ever had a %100 success rate.
    Now because Rabbi Fishoff said so every under performing student will say that they are not “feeling the love”.
    The web is full of speeches of gedolim I challenge you to please find me one where such language of throwing rebbeim out of the classroom is used.

  2. Bais ment

    Where did he speak negatively about Rabbeim?

    * he praised our teachers

    * he highlighted how HARD their job is

    * he acknowledged they are underpaid

    * he just said that not every person can juggle the classroom these days and that you need to be SUPERMAN

    There was NOT ONE OUNCE of “judgement”

    All he did was bring out a personal story that he did not want his own daughter to ever HURT another neshama, and this wake up call helped her find the way to WIN OVER the “troubled” girl that every other teacher – and principal – GAVE UP ON!

    We can ALL learn something from this lesson.




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