Watch: Avraham Fried Reads Letter He Received from Eli Wiesel

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  1. Avraham Fried has that ability to connect with people not only through his beautiful musical voice but even as he speaks, be it what it may be – he has that tremendous ability to connect to people and give over a dvar Torah, a thought or even a joke with such warmth and personality. What a gifted individual!

    • Could you be really serious? Perhaps you are not orthodox at all. Otherwise I find your comment a slap at Fried and Wiesel. Missing brachas over your bar tab are not the humor of jews. Good luck. Maybe you should be moved to give 50 dollars to make Holocaust study stronger. Moxie would forgive.

  2. I am not impressed . Orthodoxy has ignored the holocaust for seventy years you might want to ask yourself. Why? Why have Orthodox Jewish publishers only now started to publish holocaust books.


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