Watch: Ben Carson: Khan Family Should Apologize to Donald Trump

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Asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer today to comment on how the ongoing conflict between Donald Trump and the Khan family, who lost their U.S. Army captain son in Iraq, could be resolved, former rival Ben Carson said: “I don’t think it would be harmful if they apologized to him and he apologized to them, but I don’t see that happening.”

Blitzer asked why the Khans owe Trump an apology. Carson said,  “If you accuse someone of something that’s not true, usually it is a reasonable thing to acknowledge that.”




  1. The Republican party is going off the rails. To some extent it has already done so.

    One thing after another, in no particular order (and this is a VERY incomplete list):
    -Cruz’s refusal to endorse Trump at his own convention.
    -Trump’s refusal to stop bashing the Khans; a refusal that’s offending everyone and even causing Republican politicians to vote for Hillary.
    -Trump’s refusal to endorse Ryan and McCain – despite their endorsing him.
    -Trump’s spokesperson blaming Obama and Hillary for the death of the Khans’ son which occurred four years before Obama took office.
    -The Megyn Kelly brouhaha.
    -The mocking of Mrs. Cruz’s looks.
    -The mocking od Carly Fiorina’s looks, Marco Rubio’s height and similar insults to other opponents.

    My G-d, do the Republicans want the U.S. to be a one-party country??? The party of Lincoln and Reagan is disintegrating before our eyes.

  2. U r forgetting. Libs never apologize because they never do anything wrong because the end justifies the means republicans r supposed to always play defense which is y we despise them because they have very little spine

  3. The kahn family should apologize to mr trump because he is the voice of the victims and families of San Bernardino and Orlando and all the people who were killed RADICAL ISLAMIC ANIMALS how could mr kahn open his mouth they are all waiting for an apology all the American people should demand an apology because the khans are threatening our safety to add McCain Ryan are bought by Koch brothers they should just keep their mouths shuts and hurt mr trump but they can’t they are wrong.cruz got booed by the American people yet the American people voice was silenced by the dnc it’s not about Bernie it’s only about the American Cruz Hilliard Clinton or the American people?

  4. Omg. That is such an idiotic statement.

    The Republican party is totally disintegrating. Will it go the way of the Whigs?

  5. I have inside information that very soon there will be a massive distribution of Trump material from ads in the heimisha papers to yiddish bumper stickers. Boro park is trump country wall to wall.


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