Watch: Ben Shapiro: Civil Discourse | Real Time with Bill Maher

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Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief and syndicated radio host Ben Shapiro joins Bill to discuss civility in the age of Trump.



  1. Uh oh. Right at the end Bill says “I know Friday night is tough for you to come on”. What does that mean? Ben is wearing a yarlmuka on the show. Was this recorded on Shabbos Kodesh?!

    • didnt see intimidation, like all low life leftists he kept interrupting him so audience couldnt hear bens brilliant response

  2. Maher is right. Republicans should stop saying “lock her up” and replace it with “hang her” as Hillary herself said during the election campaign, “If Trump wins we’ll ALL hang from the gallows!” (Referring to Obama and other crooks in the corrupt government.)

    Since Shapiro is a Fake News believer, everything President Trump does is looked at negatively. Of course Trump is better than all Democrats, according to Shapiro, but since he [Shapiro] is so brainwashed from the propaganda media, he has a very hard time seeing the positive in the President.

    But the TRUTH is he’s scared like Scott Adams – who has more courage than him – wrote:
    I endorsed Hillary Clinton – for my personal safety – because I live in California. It isn’t safe to be viewed as a Trump supporter where I live. My politics don’t align with either candidate, but backing Clinton reduces my odds of dying at the hands of my fellow citizens. (And yes, I am 100% serious. It just happens to be funny by coincidence.)

    • Have you listened to his show, ever? When he thinks Trump did something good, he talks about it. When he thinks Trump did something bad, he talks about that too. Ben bashes the media on a pretty regular basis. Just because he doesn’t agree with Trump 100%of the time, doesn’t make him a coward or a “fake news believer”.

  3. Shapiro is talking nonsense! Why in the world should Trump be impeached EVEN if they’ll finally dig up the Russian ghost? Collusion is not a federal crime and would not bring Trump to be impeached. So there’s that.

    They don’t have a problem with all the frauds and illegal and dead voters for Hillary, though and all the fraud that got Obama in office. Hypocrites!

  4. Bill Maher wins on style points. He’s smoother and he skillfully changes the focus when Shapiro makes his points.
    Ben Shapiro wins on substance. He counters every point that Maher makes and has facts at his command when making his own points.

    Bottom line: If you pay attention to what was actually said, it’s a win for Shapiro. He backs up everything he says with facts, holds his own with a slick, skilled, debater host, and let’s not forget the hostile audience which can also be tough.

    • maher doesnt ‘skillfully’ change…’ hes like all communists/leftie/democrats
      who change subjects yaps in middle of opponent speakes and doesnt let the truth shine thru


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