Watch: Ben Shapiro On the “Garbage Heap That Is Donald Trump”

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Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire Ben Shapiro delivered the headline speech at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado, slamming Donald Trump, calling him a “garbage heap.”




  1. I’ve watched Ben Shapiro many times. He is a big baal gaavah who thinks that he is much more intelligent than he actually is. No one of substance is even thinking about challenging Trump. So like it or not, he will be the Republican candidate. People like Ben Shapiro are shooting the republican party in the foot by attacks like this, because all it will accomplish is to help Clinton to get elected.

  2. Ben is very smart but he doesn’t force people to think like him like the leftist above, he’s actually stated that he’s willing to debate anyone and he does! and usually destroys his opponent with his arguments! Matzav u should post more of his speeches.

  3. You’re a leftist loser, since you cant defend Trump – he is a garbage heap – you attack the messenger. Ben is great! never runs away from debate and Matzav should post more of him!

    • Trump doesn’t need our defense. He is a good person and, right now, the only alternative to Clinton who would most certainly be a hundred times worse.

  4. Let’s say it again for all you thick headed numbskulls Hillary is 10 times worse so what do you hope to accomplish by destroying trump Clinton is a totally self serving dishonest and dangerous piece of trash just ask ambassador Stevens oops I forgot you can’t ask him anything anymore because he is dead thanks to Hillary and her Ilk oh I forgot it’s only PC to say bush lied soldiers died

  5. Trump is worse than a garbage heap. The garbage heap has dawdling rats. Trump rats vote. The heap does not often cast a ballot but at least the rats just eat the cold left over food. Trump is giving the rats fresh hate daily. Let the heap of Trump be ready for Clinton, she will offer it a good dump.

    Dump the Trump. The future is meant to be Rule of Law.


  6. He’s very thought out in his opinions, he understands much better than anyone else how bad Hillary is. The point is, true conservatism is the only hope for this medina, and trump had a good chance of destroying it.

    Now, if only Ben could put his brains towards chiddushei Torah…


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