Watch: Ben Shapiro: The Worst Day In Modern American Political History

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  1. This guy is nuts, or he’s smart in knowing how to keep his gig with Fox. How dare he say there’s no evidence it was stolen in GA PA and AZ??? He knows very well he’s lying. How dare he say Trump wanted the House to “overturn” the outcome??? all he said was it should be sent to the state legislators for investigation, as the legislators NEVER certified it!!! it was done by governors against their will – unconstitutional! – He knows it very well…

    • Because there’s NO EVIDENCE buddy.
      Can you tell me please 1 case that makes it evident that the votes were “stolen”
      I (was) also pro trump based on his accomplishments as president, but his ego [and peoples belief in elohim achaeirim] ended up being his downfall.
      You take a long serious look at your belief system. Where your convictions formulate, and what you accept us fact.

    • what you believe is a fabrication that was crafted by the Whitehouse spooned by Newsmax. the Supreme courts didnt side with Trump in any of his frivolous lawsuits thats it get over it

  2. Ben Shapiro is getting to be an arrogant boor. He knows very well there was massive fraud. Look how they’re caving , most of them.
    They don’t want to be High Tech banned , so they sold their souls to the evil DemonRats and media.


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