Watch: Benghazi Committee Head Trey Gowdy Won’t Say ‘Hillary Lied’

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During a press conference today following the release of his committee’s final report on the 2012 Benghazi attacks, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) refused to say that Hillary Clinton “lied” about her role in its aftermath.

Asked by one reporter if T-shirts and bumper stickers that read “Hillary Clinton Lied, People Died” are “true,” Gowdy replied, “You don’t see that T-shirt on me, and you don’t see that bumper sticker on any of my vehicles.” Asked more directly if he thinks she “lied,” Gowdy said, “That’s a word you couldn’t use in a courtroom.”

He urged reporters to read the full report before drawing any conclusions about Clinton’s actions.




  1. The real question that was never answered by the White House, is, why did they tell the American public that the attack was caused by a YouTube video??? What was the real motivation of the White House? What were they trying to accomplish? Why wont Susan Rice ever answer that question? Why is Susan still being paid a salary by us the taxpayers?

  2. He won’t say it because he knows that she didn’t.

    The House Intelligence Committee Report had already said this.

    The Republicans will clearly have to waste more money on yet another investigation.

  3. I do not know why this event is the whole consideration of our American public.

    Every day ambulances fail to respond in proper time to 911 calls. This is a concern and we can make the future stronger with better response but is this one isolated event the whole history we must consider for this world we are living? If Trump wins in 16, no one will cry Benghazi ever again. Thus it become a hate-controversy.

    Still, this is ridiculous. The terror is the problem.

    Nasty GOP hate. There is no other way to look at this event. I am never since the beginning feeling I should be angry at my government.

    What a shame.

  4. Charlie, this new, comprehensive report says it loud and clear. No need for Gowdy to name names at a press conference.


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