Watch: Biden Is ‘Going To Drag The Economy Down’: Former California GOP Party Chairman


Former California Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro talks to FOX Business’ David Asman about Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden promising to end President Trump’s 2017 tax cuts.



  1. Biden is demented.
    It’s his handlers and VP pick who’ll run the country and everybody knows this.
    He’s being held in a basement dungeon for a reason.

  2. Of course he will kill the economy. He is blatant about raising taxes. He will kill job creators. He will give them incentives to outsource to India and China

    • Well yes. Biden couldn’t care less about you or me. He and his family have already made millions of dollars with Burisma. He became very wealthy by shaking down the Ukrainians. Adam Schiff is a corrupt little rodent who should be arrested immediately.

  3. voting for Biden is worse then voting for a dead man.A dead man can’t do much harm,while Biden who is a man whose brain is empty but he still possesses a bad heart.I am all for Trump 2020!!!!


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