Watch: Biden’s ‘Greatest Concern’ Is Trump Trying To Steal 2020 Election

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Presumptive 2020 Democrat nominee Joe Biden speaks out on the race ahead of hosting a roundtable in Philadelphia; Peter Doocy reports from Wilmington, Delaware.



  1. Clones cannot become POTUS. He's the only candidate and will officially drop out soon. No election this year. MARK MY WORDS.

    Fake News just to keep the show going until the Deep State arrests will be completed.

  2. Hopefully this Biden isgoi g to loser he election’s so he can cry that the real president Trump robbed him and the Democrats

  3. Replay of 2016. Hillary demanded trump commit to accepting the election results. Yeah, almost 4 years later and she has not come to terms with it. Biden wants a replay with new names Hillary Biden.


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