Watch: Black Man Exposes Media Bias By Ignoring Black On Black Crime

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  1. He exposes ? This has been said for months because of all the murders in Chicago he is just one more person who happens to be black that is stating it again

  2. Wow. Devorim hayotzim min halev. There is no question, this individual was expressing the feelings of the silent majority of blacks who are sick and tired of the double standard perpetrated on them by their sick corrupt elected officials. Don’t be surprised if Trump gets a much much larger vote from within the black community than the pols are showing. Blacks like him are afraid, as he so eloquently stated, to express any distention in public to the race hustlers that rule over their communities and this country. You will be surprised to know how much Obama/Holder/Lynch are HATED in the black community. In the company I work for, my black coworkers are very upset with the chicanery that was perpetrated by the vicious Obama administration.


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