Watch: Bochur Assists Elderly Chinese Woman

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An air conditioning unit fell of a cart being pushed by an elderly Chinese woman in Brooklyn, NY. Immediately, a chassidishe bochur approached and helped the woman place the unit back on her cart so she could continue on her way.




  1. Wow amazing!

    who would have thought
    This is truly breaking news. I cant believe this isn’t the leading story on CNN

  2. What’s the big Chiddush, there is a Mitzvah of Ozov Tazov, and also of Baal Tisalem. These are Mitzvohs Sh’Bein Odom Lachaveiro and apply equally to Jews and to our neighbors who happen to be Non-Yidden. The same thing is when we find an Aveido of a Non-Yid.

    • Right, when it comes to compassion and caring from one Human to another, we don’t differentiate between Yidden and decent Non-Yidden. We even pray for Non-Yidden who aren’t well R”L.

    • yes we do it. But show, bring reference, that ‘uzov tazov’ , ‘lotisalem’ includes…. When the torah says ‘rayacha…’ its rayacha

  3. @Sol. Either you are writing tongue in cheek or you are truly an am haaretz. “Meshum eiva” does not mean that you should so completely misrepresent what the Torah really says.

    • “Eiva” means putting up a show. We don’t put up shows, we are authentic and a kind and caring people full of sincere compassion for All decent Human Beings alike.

    • who is ‘everyone’?. somebody video-ed it. declared it a ‘massive’ Kiddush hashem and matzav posted it. seems the only one getting excited is you

  4. The lady’s cart is not meant to bear the weight of an air conditioner. I wouldn’t be surprised if it fell down again a few minutes later.

  5. LIghten up! Why criticize Matzav for posting this? It’s nice to see and hear good things, even if they are (or should be) commonplace. Besides, it’s another reminder that there is an eye that sees and an ear that hears and a camera that records it all, so maybe it will encourage others to do similar acts of mentschlichkeit when otherwise they might have ignored opportunities.

  6. @Yona. I don’t disagree. I believe and know that Yidden are truly inherently kind and compassionate to all. However the fact remains that what Sol wrote is a misrepresentation of the Mitzvos he mentioned. It is very wrong to do that. I’d rather not go more into it than that.


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