(WATCH) Bolling: Think Before You Utter Hateful Words, Liberals

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Wake Up America: Liberals have been playing fast and loose with the way they disagree with the right.



  1. Leakers! They all want a good liberal anywhere to be the smug trashed tattle of hate!

    They can all go back to the church and figure out which alms were their own to smile back to their poor white trash friends.

    We can do better America. The right to believe in G-d is not a church with the book that calls my faith a Synagogue of Satan. I am going to do what Israel does and vote Blue. Amen.

  2. Did you hear what the radical democratic former AG Loretta Lynch said? “Blood and death would be necessary to advance the progressive agenda.” So the shooter, like other liberals, who believes that Trump is taking all the rights away, went straight ahead and did exactly as she commanded – shoot to death.


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