Watch: Bored Hafganah Protestors Pulled Off Tichel of Woman Trying to Stop Them



    • You are not everyone. Klal Yisrael agree that these protests make a tremendous kiddush Shem Shamayim and they must continue until the reshaim will get stop arresting chareidi girls and boys who do no want to join the shmad army.

    • Certainly the sign hit her. But despite the fact that view of her hands are mainly blocked by the rabble around her, from the angle of her face and apparent use of her right hand to push away the sign, it seems really hard to imagine how she could have grabbed the sign to pull it away.

  1. To be honest, it seems like her tichel falling off was unintentional. The man with the placard lightly hit her on the head with his sign. It seems he was trying to shoo her away, not knock her tichel off.
    Having said all that, some of the men were insulting her, an innocent tzniusdikeh lady, on purpose! To them, the Torah Hakdosha clearly tells us EIN LO CHELEK LA’OLAM HABA!!! These hoodlums are heading straight to gehenom! They laugh now, but only tzaros await them! Such dumb parents.

  2. To all the sickos who condemned the courages girl for hitting these goons in Bnei Brak the other day, these were the mishigoyim she was hitting. How do their leaders justify this disgusting behavior.

  3. Lemme guess she is also an undercover cop
    A bunch of cowards picking on an older lady
    I bet they spent a productive day in yeshiva
    These are the guys who hold their blood is redder than those who are in the army

  4. Thanks to a True orthodox jewish news site for publishing this garbage. Why do we need to publish anything a rasha does, anything a stupid guy does. Is the goal to have the self haters say the orthodox (in general) is low? Is the goal to put us all in the same bandwagon? Well if that’s not the goal this is definitely the point a couple of self haters will be pointing out to me as often as they can! Please refrain from publishing garbage about another jew. That’s part of being jewish.

    • This was done in public. If we don’t call out this behaviour that is done in the name of Judaism, then who will? Keeping silent about it is tantamount to agreement.

  5. Seriously Matzav, you’re going to resort to the hate promulgated by some of your competitors?

    Until recently you stayed neutral and rarely reported on the topic at all. Now you decided to post the latest provocative videos that are going around on WhatsApp, all in a desperate attempt to garner more activity/page views. You can’t even write an article to accompany your video, like an amateur blog.

    Stay unique in something.

  6. lesheim shamayim!??
    so where are those people who said the girl from the other video was a secret police. what now the police dressed up as chareidi bochrim and did this?

  7. Its a pity the drivers don’t have the courage to make a true kiddush Hashem and be mikayem ubearta harrah mikerbecha it is time to start running over people who intentionally block the street. That these terrorists dress like yidden is no reason not to treat them like any terrorist
    enough is enough

    • Thank you. I’ve tried to say the same thing numerous times but the little biased kinderlach that run this website are always quick to censor and delete.

  8. All commentators above who speak negatively of these holy protests are either: 1) not chareidi 2) secular today 3) missing a heart 4) couldn’t care less if children from chareidim become goyim gemurim 5) all of the above.

    • Well, some of us use Shulchan Aruch to guide us. As opposed to your “holy” protesters, who are oiver numerous d’Oraisos and d’Rabbonons with every “holy” protest. Yesh din, v’yesh Dayan.

        • I challenge you to find even one Gadol who has spoken against the protests on Giyus Banos.

          There were multiple Gedolim who have spoken against the protests on Giyus Banim. Giyus Banos is Yehareg Ve’al Ya’avor according to all Gedolei Yisrael from current and previous generations, that’s an undisputed fact.

    • I am all of the above, and I am still “frummer” than any of these heilege protestors, and I have no heart, their hearts are made of stone.

  9. umideshaski rabonon shma meneh denicha leh

    where are the rabbonim and roshei yeshiva to speak out against this
    enough of the garbage!!!

    • If Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva demand these protests, they obviously will not speak out against it. It’s only the anti-Torah anti-Rabbonim anti-Chareidim posters who know better than them who speak out.


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