Watch: Boro Park Police Chase After Red Acura That Almost Runs Over Officers

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  1. Good for the driver. Evil brownie trying to give a ticket to a taxpayer. These ticket givers are like mosquitos. They only extract pain and give nothing in return.

    • These police earn more (commission) by giving tickets than by chasing criminals. Hence, there are so many ticket givers and criminals run loose.

  2. in america we obey and respect the law, overburdened taxpayer, and if it is a lawful police stop, running from the law is a no no. PS: your probably the first one to call the brownie’s to come save heaven forbid you needed saving, and, but not the least, move out of the triestate area where there is less taxes!

    • Brownies are NOT police officers. Those fat overweight ouff’s, strictly give out parking tickets. They have no other power. They don’t carry a gun. They can’t make any traffic stops. They just suck the taxpayers dry, with their useless salary AND their giving out of GOTCHA tickets. They are lowly despicable people.
      Brownie was a term used because they used to wear brown uniforms. It had nothing to do with race or color of skin. The PC police in the media made NYC remove that term. They deemed it R A C I S T. Omg.

  3. Apparently this car was stolen by a few chasidish bachurim, and nearly ran over 2 pedestrians in the process. They should get the book thrown at them! No excuses!


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