Watch: Brazen Brooklyn Cyclist Crashes Into Car and Then Plays Victim

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Yesterday, a man riding a bicycle at the corner of Avenue K and East 32nd in Flatbush, Brooklyn, was reckless, crashing into a vehicle waiting to turn.

Shockingly, though, the cyclist, after falling to the ground due to his own negligence, stays lying on the asphalt, attempting to play victim.

Thankfully, though, the incident was caught on camera, exposing this charlatan.




  1. Happens every day in Russia. That’s why many drivers there have a dashcam to document the idiots doing this.

  2. Wow! From the video it’s clear that the biker deliberately swerved into the front of the stopped vehicle, then carefully “fell down” and lay in the street. It’s amazing to see how much dishonesty is exposed and how many innocent people are exonerated by tales of the tape (or flash card).

  3. The same thing happened to me at the corner of Ave K and E 24 before they installed a light there.
    As I pulled out from the stop sign, the “victim” ran into my car and fell down,
    When the cops came they found another accident report in his pocket for the same day at a different location.
    My insurance never paid because there was a witness who saw the whole thing and testified.
    BTW in your video the charlatan seems to be standing still and waiting for a car to come out of the side street, and then he proceeds.
    He planned the whole thing.

  4. The exact thing happened to me on the corner of Avenue H and Coney Island Avenue a couple of years ago. I was a basket case thinking I hurt a young man.

    An ambulance came, a private one, and whisked him off to the hospital. The first responders were firefighters. When I told them what happened, they said relax, it is a scam. Make sure your own doctor examines him and insist on having his attorney contact yours, NOT your insurance company. Once that contact was made, he disappeared.


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