Watch: Brian Kilmeade Slams Efforts To Destroy History, Tear Down America’s Monuments

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Fox & Friends’ host Brian Kilmeade, host of the Fox Nation series ‘What Made America Great,’ details the importance of keeping historical monuments.



  1. Monuments honoring people who committed treason against the United States are not “America’s monuments”. They are like monuments to Laval or Petain in France!

  2. When I see these thugs tearing down these statutes it brings to mind the famous story of Rav Kahanaman the Posnovish Rosh Yeshiva. He was once in Rome and asked to be taken to the Arc of Titus. He didn’t say tear it down. He said to the Arc, you tried to destroy us but were still here. The liberals tearing down the confederate statutes should be saying to General Robert Lee and the others you tried to enslave us. you tried to treat us inhumanly, but we are still here living the American dream and trying to make this world a better place.
    Every president indeed every person that was ever honored with a plaque, mural, or statue did some avaira. Are we we going to have every few years these types of revolts.

    • That mashal is absolutely rediculous. The Ponevezher did not live in Rome, had no political power over the Italian gov, and does not have to live with that arch in front of his face. If their was a monument like that to the Titus Ym”sh in the old city, he and everyone else would encourage it to be taken down. For you or anyone else to falsely presume that our job is not to remove symbols of evil shows clearly that you have never learned Sefer D’varim and the many times Hashem commands us to destroy the monuments to Avodah Zarah, their temples and statues, and their Matzeivos,. This is undeniable. Everyone complaining about taking down monuments is doing so because they don’t blv that the cause is worthy- or at least not worthy enough to justify the inconvenience of removing statues and changing names.

  3. After the Confederate States were defeated in their rebellion they built the statues to rewrite history. These statues are celebration of traitors and they are not heroes. I am not talking about Columbus, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson…
    The statue of Teddy Roosevelt depicts colonialism and his descendants want it taken down as well.
    When Trump et al. talks about our history his is talking about the history of the Confederacy. History of losers, Trump doesn’t like losers so you have to ask why is so concern with it? General Lee said “Don’t make monument to the Confederacy…..
    When Iraqis tore down the statue of Saddam Hussein it was almost universally acknowledged as a moment of liberation for the people of Iraq. No one can argue that Saddam Hussein is not part of the history of Iraq. When the Soviet Union fell apart and statues of Lenin were taken down, no one complained.Statues are symbolic, we use them to celebrate heroes.
    It is not history that Trump and the defenders of the Confederate statues are trying to preserve.
    The confederate statues literally tower over the people. They should come down, but not by vandalism. Legally, with requests to the government agencies.


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