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More than 160,000 kids stay home from school each day to avoid being bullied. That’s no way to receive a great education.

More than 160,000 students miss school each day because they’re afraid of getting picked on, taunted, and beaten up. Bullying is something that happens every day in every school among all ages. 1 in 6 students are bullied daily. 1 in 30 of those kids drop out of school.


A Studio 123 Production

Produced by Studio123
Directed by Shia fried
Filmed by Sruly Saftlas
Edited by J. Friedman
Sound by Alex Roth
Production Assistant: Eli Klien -Cast-
Chaim—Shimi Rosen
Sruly—Yisroel dovid Chekov
Moishe—Shua Engal
Eli—Tzvi Toub
Chaim’s brother—Efraim Potash
Rebbe—Rabbi Yossi Berdugo

Kids in class
Yanky Weider
Shimily Kohn
Shaul Davis

Special thanks:

Tuli Brill
Rabbi Ozer Babad
The Rosenberg Family
The Rosen Family




  1. Please film a bullying video with high school bochurim.
    Especially in dormatory settings where supervision is lax.
    Or are we too afraiid.

  2. i know that this video clip is only a dramatization but i really cried watching it. i know first hand that this goes on every single day with thousands of kids across the country and probably all over the world. what srully did to chaim is almost unforgivable….even though chaim did forgive him in the end. but don’t be fooled that it always ends necessarily like that and that everyone lives happily ever after. the reality is that unfortunately sometimes a bullied victim carries it with him (or her) their whole life, r”l. something needs to be done. i don’t know what. i would suggest perhaps the rebbe should have a little foresight and pay attention to seemingly little things going on in his classroom that are a telltale sign that someone is being bullied. if i myself were a rebbe i’m not even so sure that i would be successful in following my own advice. interesting (and important) topic. thanks for highlighting it.

  3. Wow! It’s great to see that awareness is being brought out about bullying in our community. There is also a very powerful version of a film called BULLIED that was produced for women and girls. Kudos to you for creating one for boys now. For more information about it please email

  4. Thanks for tackling this topic, as you see from this story how often bullying is not out of vicious intentions but rather the bully himself is lacking something, weather sufficient attention or something else is bothering him and he’s letting his troubles out on someone else. the obvious lesson which must be learned is how parents and teachers must keep an eye on their children and when confronted that their child is a bully they must not laugh it off but take it very seriously and see what is bothering their child and stop the root of the problem.
    As for the victim:
    The parents of a victim of bullying must do as the brother tried to do in this story and explain their child that the bully is the true weak one and choosing him as his scapegoat.
    I as a victim was lucky to get over it and realized this on my own but not everyone is so lucky.

  5. What lesson do you expect children to learn when the front-running presidential candidate embodies bullying as a positive thing.

  6. Unfortunately, the bullying is not always because the bully is lacking something and letting his troubles out on someone else. Many bullies bully others, because they enjoy the sense of power it gives them over weaker people, and they enjoy making others feel bad. I know, because I was bullied as a child. It’s even more of aproblem when it happens in a Yeshiva, where Torah values are supposed to be taught. Teachers and principals must be constantly aware of what goes in Yeshivas and must put a stop to bullying immediately.

  7. If I was the bullied kids brother I’d corner him with my hand around his throat and tell him to stop it or ill kick the check out of him. That’s what older brothers did in my day and it always worked.


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