Watch: Camp Agudah Post-Summer 5776 Golf Cart Tour

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  1. As a former Agudah maintenance staffer, I was there for a couple of weeks before camp started and about a week after it ended. Although both the before and after periods were quiet, with just us and the work crew present in an empty camp, they were very different. Before camp started there was pressure to get things up and running, have everything up to legal code and repair all the winter’s ravages. It was kind of like preparing for a large birthday party where everything had to be just right. After camp was over, it was more like the afterparty cleanup – echoes and memories in the empty campgrounds of the summer that had passed, a closing up and putting away of all summer’s chotchkes and winterizing the buildings (especially the plumbing!)
    While it’s very peaceful after camp ends, there’s also a slightly sad wistfulness over the summer that’s now relegated to memories, photos, addressbooks and the like.
    Hope you all had a great summer; now back to the real world for the next ten months.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. Was reminiscing in my mind. Listen to the words. It teiches up the summer so beautifully. Now my own boys go there every summer. Btw, it applies to all Yiddisheh camps.

  3. Excellent! Although I did not have the opportunity to come visit my son in Camp Agudah this summer due to the no visiting day policy, I still get goosebumps looking at the hallowed grounds of such a machaneh kadosh. It brings me back to my own childhood when camp was a place for growth in all aspects of ones life. This video should have been filmed during camp so that we, as parents, can see the camp up and running in its full glory. My son had such an aliyah this past summer in Camp Agudah. Continued hatzlacha to the mechanchim and employees who are devoted to each individual to bring out his true kochos and potential.

  4. Meir, I would say you would be missed but we all know, you will always be involved. What a walking kiddush hashem you are
    ‘RABBI K – The inspiration we all got from you will last with us our whole life. Who can forget those hartzegah speeches in the dining room before Tisha Bav or the cantatas. You inspired THOUSANDS of us to be better yidden and just do the right thing. No fan fare or hoopla. Just purely lisheim shamayim. I will always remember your ehrlichkeit and strict observance to halacha.

  5. we all miss the great times ,we had in agudah
    glad to hear they are still keeping it up
    Good Luck to R Meir in your new roll…
    Rabbi K Im sure you are missed by all

  6. Someone just sent me this link!! Great footage, but I dont recognize a lot as I was in Camp Agudah pre-fire. Also, the grounds were upgraded so much!! The gym looks the same, but the bleachers seem like they are built in. (Trust me, I analyzed this video!!) There is a new gym behind the pool, as well as new courts, fields, etc… I guess next year I will be visiting, as we are sending our oldest son bez’h to Camp Agudah, so he can be uplifted with their amazing program. The buzz is that Camp Agudah has re-established themselves as the #1 camp, and the best place to grow in ruchniyus uvigashmiyus, and that they have continued the mesorah of R Zishe Heshel ztl and yblct R Simcha Kaufman.

  7. What an amazing video of Camp Agudah’s grounds. For all of the alumni, a.k.a. old timers of Camp Agudah, this video sure makes us all feel young. For those alumni who may not recognize this video, this is Camp Agudah, the camp you grew up at during your camping career. Camp Agudah has always been a place where the ruchniyous and gashmiyous make each and every summer, a summer to cherish. The packed fill days of constant leibidike ruach proves what Camp Agudah has always been known for.


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