Watch: Campaigning for Trump in Yiddish at Yeshiva Ner Yisroel in Baltimore

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    • Yiddish isnt a chassidish language. But a point that is curious os that why are they targeting in yiddish if most people their probably wont understand.

    • It’s not a chassidishe Yeshiva. Whoever did this just used the jingle which was playing in BP during the primaries. Hence the “chag kasher v’same’ach”.

  1. What a great outreach to the community. Great Yiddishe jingle to go with it. Every Jew should vote Donald Trump! Hillary the mother of the Iran Deal the mother of ISIS has jeopardized the American Security by her Emails that contained highly sensitive Classified information. She is anti-Israel by her forcing Netanyahu to withdraw from Gaza after Israel was attacked. We need a strong leader that will protect us,get our jobs back and support Eretz Yisroel.


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