Watch: Captain of El Al Flight HoldS Ceremony For Yom Hazikaron

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  1. A mishna, perek t’hillim or even just “thank you hashem” would be so much more appropiate and beneficial than a moment of silence.

  2. A moment of silence was never our thing. It’s really innocent but if ur wondering- Jews don’t do that we say Tehillim and do things for a zechus for the neshamos but we don’t have moments of silence.

  3. Ya know you guys are mamesh pumping this whole zikaron/atzmaot thing really hard, mamesh every other article! No, I mean it’s very sweet and everything but how does it fit with the whole Lakewood hashkafa usually promoted??? Gevalt

  4. Kol Hakavod! But remember, next time you fly elal to ask them put on teffilin because if they have time for this they have time to put on teffilin

  5. Btw I’ve seen pilots of ElAl with tefillin& a moment of silence for Jews means to be quiet, contemplate, think & daven for kedoshim.

  6. Since when does secular Israel need a Jewish custom? The Zionists created a government to be like the Goyim with laws and everything based on non Jewish countries and customs. No way did they want Israel to resemble anything too religious and then having to deal with “religious coercion”.

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