Watch: Car Speeds Down Brooklyn Sidewalk As Angry Store Owners Give Chase

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A Vehicle sped down a sidewalk in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, while people yelled and men chased the driver.

It was an unbelievable, bizarre scene that all started yesterday with some fake gelt, as men inside the car tried to flee after using counterfeit money at several businesses.

The men drove their black sedan down Lee Avenue in Williamsburg and later crashed nearby.




  1. These civilians had no right to touch the car They should leave policing to the police and stop endangering the neighborhood.

    • Really? Wait for them AFTER he kills people.
      You hater…no time for anything when a maniac is around…you kidding or you stupid?

    • You mean let him run over people…while we sit and wait…you mean he can kill but we cant touch?
      Go crawl back into your hole!

  2. Goodness gracious!!! Mamesh a nes no one hot killed.
    If someone had a firearm they shud have killed him !!! Or blow his tire out…
    What can u do when ur so helpless and a maniac doesnt care if he killed dozens of ppl? This is crazy!!!


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