Watch: Celebrity Larry King Praying With Tefillin

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  1. On being Nosa b’ol by Ms.Dina Hurwitz:

    I fully accept that G-d gives us challenges so intense that it takes our breath away. What I find tragic and unacceptable is that people make it harder. We are not victims of our circumstances, we are survivors of our circumstances, yet sometimes we are your victims. Victims of slander, of pity, of judgement, of communities who don’t know the truth but assume they do. I am privileged to hear so many heartbreaking stories and I hope someone will read this and recognize the consequences of that type of behavior.

    We do what we have to in order to survive this life. We find comfort and enjoyment wherever we can and we hope you don’t judge us to harshly for we are not you. We use whatever means possible to get through what you don’t even imagine our lives are. We turn to books or to music or to food or to drink or to hours of mind numbing screen time. We are currently surviving. We survive sickness or abuse or divorce or loss of jobs and friends and family and community. Whatever we are going through, it’s harder then we imagined and we are actually surprised we got out of bed today. We are all being tested and challenged and broken and healed. We are quiet in our deepest pains and fears and bite our tongues when you think you know. What good will it do trying to reason with people who know what’s best for you but don’t know who you are. Why waste an ounce of our precious energy trying to explain the way we cope when you don’t care what it is we are living through. You are not the one drying our tears, you don’t even want to recognize the tears. This life we all get to live is our journey set out to us by G-d to reach a destination only He knows. So why judge us that our path is not your path, that our way is not your way? If it makes you uncomfortable just move aside. Don’t be part of the problem. The ones who sit on their thrones in judgement and gather in the hen house clucking their “heartfelt” concerns for our wellbeing. Recognize that you are not given the vision of G-d to know what is in our lives and in our hearts and minds. Give us the dignity of honest support and love and friendship. Hold our hands and wipe our tears and silently bear witness to the struggle, or sit in your place of judgement reminding us all that you don’t approve and you would do it differently. I know that you like to pretend that life is a math equation, sterile and logical and if you do the right thing, you will succeed, but in your heart you know that is a falsehood. But that makes you fearful so you perpetuate the lie and punish those who have the bad fortune of knowing the truth. Every so often you catch a glimpse of that truth in the life of someone you come across and it enrages you so much. The loss of control the chaos of it all, it challenges all of your beliefs and instead of recognizing it, you punish the one who made you feel that way. You take the person surviving the storm and you make it worse. You punish them and condemn them and turn their storm into a blizzard. You, the righteous, and upstanding citizen. The do gooder and the educator. Let me help you understand this. The people you are hurting are the burning bush. They are in the fire and still living. They are living their worst nightmares and still feeding their kids but you are telling them to clean their kitchen. They didn’t voluntarily walk into the fire, they were put there with no choice but to survive and that is exactly what they are doing. You cannot gaze into the bush and live like you did before. So please, either take off your shoes or walk away. END.

    The klasunberger Rebbe ztkl told R’Scholar from Chai Lifeline…
    When doing chesed it must be tailored to the individuals need. So that, if the recipient asks for a coke a Pepsi is not appropriate!

    Like all mitzvos, borei olam wants our hearts and then our actions!

    • A.W. You my want to emend your last line to Hashem wants our hearts with our actions otherwise you my be flirting with a Christian concept. You may also want to read the very fundamental explanation of mitzvah performanceis Sefer HaChinuch Mitzvah 17.

    • a great woman, and an inspiration to so many.
      however the last line “borei olam wants …!” is a mistake as a general statement. although she may have meant something else, [ ie in certain circumstances , that are not in violation of halacha…. ]which may be fine.

    • Where in the Torah does it say that if you do an aveira you can’t to a Mitzva. Look in sefer hachinuch on tefilin shel yad. (In parish’s of Shema) You’ll learn something amazing. About the importance of Tefillin even by someone who does many other aveiros.


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