Watch: Charlie Gard’s Parents Speak After Ending Legal Battle To Save Son

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Charlie Gard’s parents have ended their legal fight over treatment for the critically ill baby, saying that it is “too late” for treatment to work.



  1. The doctors in UK pulled the plug before the baby gets to America where the doctors in the US will see how they botched up in the UK. It happened in Israel too several years ago where the doctors experimented on a child causing the child to become even more sick and then blamed the mother and had her arrested an imprisoned.

  2. Mr anonymous. I dont believe they botched up, you have no proof of that.
    The issue is much more serious and has massive implications for us Yidden.
    The problem is the importance of life which we ascribe to.
    The hospital decided enough is enough and they may have been right, but the parents wanted to try something from the US and the hospital wouldnt hear of it and took it through the courts right upto European Court. They only allowed the US doctor to examine the poor child after worldwide publicity, press, Vatican, Trump etc etc.
    It just so happens unfortunately that the US doctor has now decided that it is too late to even try. So the hospital has apparently won some sort of victory. But they have missed the point. Surely everything should be tried.
    I honestly believe the hospital owes at least a public apology to the parents for the extra aggravation they unneccessariiy suffered. And who knows if the child would have been examined earlier…..?


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