WATCH: Chassan Unable To Hold Back Tears

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A family was forever changed two months ago, after the passing of 63-year-old Rosh Kollel Rav Hillel Shalom Stern zt”l. Rav Stern left behind a widow and 14 children. The children have reportedly become closer than ever, banding together to support their mother Bluma, who works part time with senior citizens.

Now that son Bentzion is engaged, the family has united with the hopes of marrying him off. Unfortunately, after the trauma that they have already endured, both emotional and financial, they are unable to afford the essentials necessary. Bentzion and his kallah are getting married next month, and are still unprepared. They are currently unable to make a modest wedding, or to prepare living arrangements for after marriage. It is another painful blow after a devastating year.

A wedding fund has been open with the goal of marrying off Bentzion, and saving the young couple and the mourning widow from any further humiliation. Any and all donations are appreciated.

In a touching video on the campaign page, Bentzion cannot resist tears as he remembers his father. “He always told us it would be good,” he says, as images appear of children huddled over Rav Stern’s grave. “Please help me,” he asks, “so that I can be happy at my wedding.”

The fund includes many letters from prominent rabbis who are familiar with the family, and their financial situation.

“At this point, our options are to ask for tzedaka, or to call off the wedding,” reads emotional campaign text. Those interested in contributing can do so here for a limited time. The family is watching the fund’s progress closely, and will be deeply moved if they can acquire some help.



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