Watch: Chaveirim of Rockland County Recounts The Incredible Kiddush Hashem Involved In Searching For R’ Reuven Bauman z”l

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Chaveirim of Rockland County was called to lead the search for R’ Reuven Bauman Z”L. In an incredible mobilization or resources, volunteers & connections they stepped up in our Nation’s time of need.

The Incredible Kiddish Hashem Involved In the Search moved thousands across the globe to prayer & contribute in any way they could. You too can help – donate now at


  1. I just want to publicly thank R’ Yossi Margereten & the entire Chaveirim of Rockland County organization for giving so selflessly of themselves throughout this entire harrowing experience – their organization is duly deserving of any generosity you can manage. You can donate to Chaveirim of Rockland County here:

    -A Bauman Family Fund campaign organizer


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