Watch: Chris Christie: Ted Cruz Was ‘Awful, Selfish, Too Cute,’ for Not Endorsing Trump

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie slammed Senator Ted Cruz for reneging on a pledge to support the Republican presidential nominee while saying that Cruz’s speech to the Republican National Convention was awful and selfish.




  1. Governor Christie was, if anything, not strong enough in his condemnation of Senator Cruz.

    Cruz was a snake in the grass for taking the stage at the Republican convention and explicitly not endorsing the GOP’s nominee. He took “Doesn’t play nicely with others” to a whole new level. If he objected so strongly to Trump’s nomination he had the option of simply not appearing at the convention (an option several prominent Republicans chose), but instead stood on stage at his own party’s convention and pretty much told America not to vote Trump.

    I don’t care for Trump and I was hoping Cruz would be the Republican nominee. After last night, I now have zero respect for Cruz and I hope any future runs for elected office will be done on the ticket of the party he truly belongs to and cares about – the Cruz party.

  2. HEs right. Cruz was wrong place wrong time. You don’t get up and do what he did in Trumps place to make a principled stand. Just plain foolish. Whats he trying to prove? I liked Ted but this is eye opening moment for me.

  3. bo wa wa !!! trump didn’t get the endorsement Christie is acting so childish I love how they talk about the ‘pledge’ that all the candidate’s made trump himself was about to break that pledge

  4. What were Trump (and Christie) thinking? That you can act as obnoxious as possible to someone and even go so far as to make false accusations about his wife and father and then expect that person to support you anyway?

    For Cruz to endorse Trump it would be rewarding bad behavior. I hope Trump learns his lesson but unfortunately wouldn’t count on it.

  5. Dump himself threatened to break the pledge famously saying ‘They’ve not been treating me well’ and so he cant have it both ways!


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