Watch: Chris Wallace Challenges Biden Camp On What ‘Donald Trump’s America’ Is

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  1. Now if only Biden can find a way to dress her as himself… Because even dems dont trust him to make these appearances himself.

  2. Bedingfield just made a fool of herself. She claims that President Trump is inciting violence?! “Joe will continue to lead”? Lead what? Lead from where? Does she represent Mr. Biden? Joe should dump this broad as soon as possible. She has a worse personality than even Mrs. Harris.

  3. I personally feel the bringing up Corona as a political issue is a red Herring issue. This virus was and is like no other virus before it. No one knew the correct way to deal with it i March and no one till today knows the correct way to deal with it. Just today, Australia who has probably has the hardest restrictions had the highest number of Covid fatalities. I don’t think you can blame Coumo for the nursing home deaths or Trump for not doing X, Y, or Z. It was uncharted territory for everyone. I do feel some of the restrictions and when to reopen were draconian. Same with allowing protests but not allowing weddings or other such events.

  4. What a smug, annoying, lying little woman. Evading questions and just using her ‘interview’ on Fox as a PR stunt to preach her distorted propaganda. Ugh.


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