Watch: Chris Wallace On Trump’s ‘Pitch Perfect’ Acceptance Speech


Panel reaction to the president-elect’s address to the nation.




  1. I’m surprised how ignorant those in the media are when it comes to Trump. They have all considered him some “ignorant” buffoon. He is Not that ignorant buffoon. He did not get to where he’s at and accomplish some of the things if he were that person. It was easy to understand his strategy. It Was just a strategy that didn’t fit the typical model. His adversary would not allow the usual tactics. He was dealing with a machine that has and was always relentless and ruthless.

    If a person would have analyzed the history of Trump and what he’s said over the years his acceptance speech was EXACTLY his nature. There WERE hints of this side of Trump along the campaign trail. But, the media and those who despise him could only see a media generated caricature of him. Whether people want to see it or not, this man is more in the mold of Reagan than many can imagine. The Only difference is he has been immersed in pop culture which clouds the person he is at his core.


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