WATCH: Christian TV Host Calls Impeachment Efforts A “Jew Coup”


Popular conservative Christian TV Host Rick Wiles warned his followers that the effort to impeach President Donald Trump is a “Jew coup.”

In a wild anti-semitic rant, Wiles claimed that “Jews are deceivers” who will “do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda,” while arguing that the effort to impeach Trump constitutes a “Jew coup.”

Watch the antisemitic rant below:


  1. An anti-Semite will always squeeze his hatred into any topic or situation, whether it’s a war, or a volcanic eruption.
    With that said, the behavior of people like Schiff and Nadler, whose life missions appear to be the unseating of a President, could easily push someone into an anti-Semitic mode. Add to that Bernie’s outright socialism, and the ultra liberal leanings of the three Jewish Supreme Court Justices, and an uneducated person, or one predisposed to scapegoating will begin to connect some imaginary dots.

  2. Sorry but he is totally correct
    All of Trump’s enemies are jews
    Shiff, nadler, weissman,schumer, bloomberg and many many more
    These self hating jews are torturing the president. Kudos to the host for saying the truth

    • Just because they have Jewish surnames, who says they’re Jews? Are their mothers Jews?
      And if they are Jews, it’s sadly the cause of Torahless secular Jews and intermarriage.

      • “Shiff, nadler, weissman,schumer, bloomberg and many many more.” These nitwits Happen to have been born into Jewish families but they have never learned True Torah, they don’t practice Judaism and no little or nothing about Judaism. (Reform is not Judaism)

        • Wait a minute. Is that not called politics? Whether we like or not what e.g. Bloomberg has to say, he is no less allowed by laws and Constitution (last time I checked) than any other citizen of whatever ethnicity, all are allowed to speak up their mind.
          Would any of us dare saying that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is part of a Latino or Puerto-Rican coup? Or attributing her political opinions, whether in line with the pope’s or not at all, to “Catholics are all deceivers, and will do whatever they have to accomplish their political agenda” etc.? So why should those words be tolerated from that lowlife’s mouth?

  3. This guy is the true definition of TURD.
    spewing hateful speech without knowing or believing what hes sayng.
    The look on his face is confusion amt yet he dosent have the deficiency to do what a normal person wpuld.donin his situation JUST SHUT UP!!!!

  4. He is missing a crucial word, if he wants to describe who is behind the impeachment: “liberal ___” Unfortunately, many of the non-orthodox Jews that went into politics or became elected officials, adopted an extreme liberal view and spew nonsense. However, if Rick Wiles wants to identify the group, he should be using the word “liberal”, as it is not their Judaism causing these views, but rather their liberalism.

  5. I’m a Jew. And non Jews plotted against and deceived me. They were from New Zealand. They were heartless and evil. And I lost my savings, struggled for six years, and lost my dignity as a result.

    Theirs was a non Jew coup. Non Jews have deceived and stolen money from Jews for thousands of years. And the way they get away with it is by fabricating the myth and canard that Jews lie and deceive. Non Jews paint their victims like that to cover their trail and conceal their evil. They are the thieves out for our money.

    May HaShem avenge my blood.

  6. I’m not sure what you expect from him when you have a phony impeachment proceedings all run by Jews. What do you expect? He should understand golus and ayn od milvado and Torah and frumkeit??

  7. It is difficult to understand why the frum community has lined up with Trump. And yes, there is much more Jew Hatred on the Christian right than there is in Islam. Just consider the history of the Jews under Christianity vs. Islam and you’ll understand. The “Frum” jews need to wake up quickly.

  8. Feel the drive to nebulous hate. No its not. Its a bed of the murderer.

    We can be glad today. Just shoot rage back down. The guy should be a permanent note worse than Gibson.

    Generations talk.

  9. It’s these same jews like Schiff & Nadler that are for murdering babies on demand and for legalizing gay marriage. It’s no wonder ignorant people hate all jews because of the few.

  10. All of you have it severely wrong and a very limited understanding of what causes non Jews to hate Jews.
    It has nothing to do with impeachment, abortions, money, liberalism etc..
    When we are poor they hate us
    When we are rich they hate us
    When we are subdued they hate us
    When we are high they hate us
    When we are observantly Jewish they hate us
    When we convert they hate us

    So what is it?

    The answer: we are witnesses to the moral code of law given on mount siani (regardless of our adherence No matter how distant how detached) and the nation’s of the world refused to except this code of law , yet subconsciously HV guilt when transgressing morality , so when they see the witness it awakens that guilt and the only solution is kill the witness.


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