Watch: Cincinnati Zoo Kills Gorilla to Save Kid

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The Cincinnati Zoo shot and killed a gorilla after a 4-year-old child fell into the animal’s enclosure, yesterday. Harambe, a 400-pound gorilla, carried the boy around its habitat for roughly 10 minutes before zoo authorities decided to shoot the animal.




  1. This is a terrible injustice! Who gave them a right to murder an innocent gorilla? That kid entered the gorillas space, not the other way around! This is what happens when you have those evil white racist gun-toting Republicans in power! I call for a thorough investigation! We must steal back the Congress and the White house!

  2. I know I am going to get very negative responses to my statement, but most places have double fences around the exhibits, and where were the parents or guardians watching this child. Why did an animal have to die because of inept parents or guardians. Is this going to be our stories this summer when school is out that foolish parents let their children run wild without supervision around animals that are kept in captivity for entertainment and also scientific knowledge. People these are not trained dogs, these are wild animals.

  3. People who equate people to animals are is close to avak of apikorsis.

    It hurts to see Yidden have a problem with shooting an animal to save a humans life!!!

    • It seems you got hakd to many times over the head.
      People are upset that a child could end up in that situation in the first place. And that a gorilla had to die because of negligence either by the zoo or the parents!

  4. Why couldn’t they tranquilize the animal? instead? and gorillas are protective, if it was a baby human they would probably look after it like its own baby and not harm it. They could have lured the gorilla away with food


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