Watch: Classic Avraham Fried Medley Ft. Simcha Leiner, Shira Choir & the Shloime Dachs Orchestra

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Zvi Rada- Keyboard
Eran Asias- Drums
Yigal Michael- Guitar
Shaya Lieberman – Bass
Earl Maneein- Electric Violin
John Tendy- Saxaphone/Flute
John Sokolov- Trumpet
Brian Bonvissito- Trombone

Shira Choir:
Shraga Gold
Zevi Fried
Chezky Breuer
Yumi Haas

Songs originally recorded by: Avraham Fried
Music Notation- Avremi G.- A Notable Idea
Vocals by: Simcha Leiner
Video by: Motti Engel
Edited by: Chaim Moskowitz
Audio & Lighting by: Koby Netanel-YitzKo Productions
Mixed & Mastered by: Aryeh Kunstler-Roar Recording
Stage- Yumi Kleinbardt- B&B Party Rentals


  1. Very nice. The only thing is, how can the wedding hall allow all those exit doors to be blocked by the staging area for the band? Isn’t that a fire hazard? Ch”v


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