Watch: Cleveland’s Rabbi Ari Wolf Delivers the Invocation Today at the 2016 Republican National Convention

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This afternoon, at about 1:05 p.m., as the Republican National Convention kicked off in Cleveland, the invocation was delivered by Rabbi Ari Wolf.

Rabbi Wolf, a noted askan and humble communal servant, is a police chaplain in Cleveland and the Director of Administrative Services of Telshe Yeshiva in Wickliffe, Ohio.

Rabbi Wolf was introduced by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

In his remarks, Rabbi Wolf prayed for “G-d’s blessings for our success of our mission.”

Avinu Shebashomayim, our Heavenly Father,” he said, “we acknowledge Your grace and Your beneficence. We ask for you blessings upon this Republican National Convention and all those gathered here. We ask for Your blessings on our country and our people and we seek Your guidance and continued protection.

“L-rd G-d, we live in perilous and dangerous times. Today, our beloved country is under attack. Our family values, our moral principles and even our very democracy is threatened.”

Rabbi Wolf later recited the words of Birkas Kohanim, concluding his speech: “Yevorechecha Hashem veyishmerecha yaeir Hashem Ponov eilecha vichuneka yisa Hashem Ponov eilecha veyaseim lecha shalom – May G-d bless you and keep you. May G-d shine His countenance upon you and be gracious to you. May G-d lift up His face to you and give you peace in a world of peace. And let us say ‘Amein.’



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  1. Simply fantastic. He touched on every important point. Did it with poise and clarity. I know him personally – and he is a wonderful person, who is moser lev and nefesh for everyone who ever needs anything. Well, the Republicans certainly made a good choice on Rabbi Wolf –

    • nativ usa is a filter that will block You Tube but allow it if it is coming from a “trusted site”. I had great success with it.

  2. “כל הבורח מן הכבוד הכבוד רודף אחריו”,
    Sums up Rabbi Ari Wolf and why Hashem orchestrated that he should be chosen to give the invocation at this very important occasion!

  3. Major major Kiddush Hashem! Reb Ari was zoche. This goes to show that shomayim holds Reb Ari is worthy. Ashrecha. Realizing what was taking place brought tears to my eyes. Tremendous kvod shomayim.

  4. Hold history. History will not hold you. However a rabbinic bediction is a charter for peace. Lets not forget that Trump is always the scared soul. Moxie is not the risk of his prohibition against American faith.

    History sees the bad thought.

    May Hashem bring American mandate to the rights of this event. Times will come out just meant.


    Native event.


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