Watch: Clinton Told FBI She Didn’t Know How Classification Is Determined

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Tom Croci, U.S. Navy Reserve commander, discusses the latest fallout in Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal, and what it means to have a top-secret security clearance.




  1. “Clinton Told FBI She Didn’t Know How Classification Is Determined”

    I guess that’s why Obama wants all public bathrooms to be bi….trans…..multi……..??? for both men and women so that Hillary doesn’t become confused.

  2. I read a while back that she was invited to be briefed on secrecy requirements and declined. How does a woman this clueless or evil (pick one) get to be President? I guess we already have a man like that in office, sad to say.

  3. This is because the wicked media control the Presidency. The average beer drinking American is too dumb and stupid to think on their own and whatever the television they’re sitting in front of, tells them, they believe. We are truly done as a Nation.


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