Watch: Clinton: Why Does Everyone Hate Me?

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A new book highlights the former presidential candidate’s gripes about the election.




  1. Why would anyone love her?
    The only votes she got was from the Trump haters. Her husband hates her as well. Would not be surprised if he voted for Trump.

  2. Why everyone hates you, Hillary? Because you’re the world’s biggest criminal. Besides being a serial killer with over 200 people whom you’ve suicided, you practice witchcraft and voodoo, you’ve killed children and drank their blood with your friend Huma Abedin as part of your satanic worshiping, and committed every crime under the sun, you’re an extreme danger to society and should be behind bars or hung from the gallows as you’ve said before election if Trump wins.

      • So you have a hard time believing that in today’s day someone could have soooo much blood on their hands, can be the biggest criminal and still be on the loose? B”H we finally have real news that reveal the corruptionSSS of the government. But such news is not for those who can’t handle it. So please stay with CNN and trust their daily propaganda blindly.


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