Watch: Clip of R’ Chaim “Lobo” Silber z”l

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  1. Wow. What can you say? To be able to smile and joke like that when he knew his days were numbered is unbelievable. It goes to prove that he was a simchadika person his whole life. An amazing oheiv yisroel.

    • So do I. I live in Mexico and I was watching R. Moshe Meir Weiss on eulogizing this great mensch z”l”. So I googled and found this clip. Very inspiring

  2. I miss him so much. Such a simchadikah Malachi. He did so much chesed with a full full heart. When he agreed to sponsor a friend of mine for Jog for Chai, he didn’t just give he a big check: he also wrote along with it a beautiful note saying how truly special it is to know a young person person going out and doing such beautiful chesed. He made everyone feel like a million bucks. His presence and actions lit up rooms and more inportantly: Hearts. Always getting everyone teaching to be a mentch, saying that for all the sports out there that he sponsors for the guys and boys : At the end of the day were all on H’ Team with a chance to go to the Hall of Fame Gan Eden.

  3. Knowing him fifty years is too little to say how he made everyone big and small fell good and positive at all time. He let everyone fell special and happy there was no one like him


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