Watch: Clueless CitiBiker Tackled Next to Obama’s Motorcade


A clueless CitiBiker, Daniel Provencio, 59, was tackled by police Wednesday after trying to ride past a police blockade in place for President Obama’s motorcade on Park Avenue near East 50th Street at around 6 p.m.

The NY Post reports that officers yelled at the biker to stop and get off the bike, but he didn’t respond quickly enough, causing an officer to run over, beat him up and then arrest him.




  1. A few thoughts:
    1) Poor job of securing the street by the police.
    2) A biker that oblivious to his surroundings isn’t safe to himself or others.
    3) The cop in the helmet was rougher than he had to be. The cop who tackled the biker was just doing his job and did nothing wrong.
    4) To the posters who are blaming President Obama for the way the cops behaved – Seriously?

  2. Why aren’t all the liberals there who came out to cheer B. Hussein Obama protesting the police brutality? Usually liberals are concerned about such things, no?

    Is it that their hero is more important to them than the poor cyclist?

  3. what is wrong with that cop!? that biker could’ve been arrested without such abuse? SUE THE NYPD BIKER DUDE!!!


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