Watch: Coca Cola Commercial Featuring Special Selichos Promo For New Coke + Coffee Drink



  1. Have a coke and a smile. It will only last to age 65. After that you can have dentures. Coke ruins the enamel.

    The drive that matters is health. Growth of our children. Dead stupid to serve cola beverages. Milk or tea or V8. Let them strengthen and smile.

  2. @0:11 is that a plug in a shabbes clock? wow…. why would they show that?! someone behind this advertsing is really …. how much they invest to get into peoples minds, and get you to identify…. and buy it.

  3. The white shirt wearing bachurim depicted in the video commercial do not own or watch television. How in the world are they supposed to market their product to “Chareidim” if they’ll never actually see the commercial? By osmosis? And if they are targeting the non-religious, unfortunately they hate the Chareidim, so hpw will this help?


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