Watch: Composer Yo Aisenstark Plays ‘Tov Lehodos’ in on Piano Middle of an Airport

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Traveling with friends to mekomos hakedoshim in Eastern Europe, Yo Aisenstark of Montreal’s Shearim Orchestra passed a piano in the airport and couldn’t resist. He played his composition, Tov Lehodos, as spectators soaked it in.



  1. Poland. I recognize it.
    And the person in the background is the tzaddik and gaon Harav Aron Tabak Shlita. They went to Lizhensk.

  2. I asked an old friend of YO and he told me that YO is an all star pitcher and when he strikes someone out as he always does , he screams “Your Out”, So he earned the name YO because it’s an abreviation for “Your Out”.

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