Watch: Conclusion of Selichos 5776 First Night at 770 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, NY

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  1. This really isn’t my approach but still it is wonderful that people would dance after Selichos to celebrate the commencement of days of Teshuva and becoming closer to Hashem.

    V’Gilu B’Rauda

  2. 1) This was first night Slichois
    2) Lots of hugging, because guests have started flowing in from all over the world and people seeing siblings, friends relatives for the first time.
    3) First video song is Rachamona, words are from Slichois, tune was composed by the Rebbe. Second video, words are Ksiva Vachasima Toiva
    4) Why is it so joyous, because Chasidim are certain that the Aibishter will give His children an amazing new year!!!!

  3. Why is Matzav featuring this mishugaas? where yechi…for a man who died over twenty years ago, is featured so prominently? See the big signs, Moshiach flag(s), Moshiach yarmulkas…

    Such stuff doesn’t belong here!


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