Watch: Congress Says Hillary Clinton Committed Perjury When Testifying on Emails

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Here’s the latest in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.




  1. Lock her up and throw away the keys.

    Is Crooked Hillary above the law? Why is she not indicted yet? Why is she held to a different standard than the rest of America?

    Rubashkin is locked up for a long time for his crime of lying to a bank about money matters. No one is hurt by his actions except for the bank(s) who could have possibly lost some money if he went into a default.

    Crooked Hillary endangers the lives of many Americans and exposes security issues which endangers the entire country, if not the entire free world by her use of private emails for top secret documents and not only does she not get indicted but the evil, inept President Obama who in 1988 called Hillary unqualified to be President, now supports her despite her stupidity, carelessness and total disregard for the people who she wants to lead. (Wants to Control may be a more accurate term).


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