Watch: Curt Schilling: Why Do Jews Support Democrats?

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In a CNN Interview on Friday, former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling questioned host Jake Tapper about how Jews can support Democrats. Watch the interview here.


The Algemeiner reports on the Schilling’s and Tapper’s exchange:

A legendary baseball player mulling a run for the US Senate on the Republican ticket asked his interviewer on Friday why Jews support Democrats.

During an appearance on CNN’s “The Lead,” former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling posed this question to host Jake Tapper, who is Jewish, after being questioned about his support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, in spite of the candidate’s purportedly offensive comments about women.

Instead of responding to Tapper’s query, Schilling, who announced plans to contend against incumbent democratic Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren in 2018, said, “I would like to ask you something as a person who is practicing the Jewish faith and has since you were young. I don’t understand — and maybe this is the amateur non-politician in me — I don’t understand how people of Jewish faith can back the Democratic Party which over the last 50 years has been so clearly anti-Israel, so clearly anti-Jewish Israel. I don’t know what else would need to be done, said or happen for people to understand that… the Democratic [party] is only aligned with Israel because we have agreements in place that make them have to be.

Tapper replied that though he does “not speak for the Jews,” he “would imagine… that one of the reasons many Jews are Democrats has more to do with Democrat support for social welfare programs and that sort of thing than it does for Israel. And I know that a lot of Jews who are strong supporters of Israel do support the Republican Party.”



  1. Want another gospel with that statement against jewish voting rights, Curt? Its not the gold we sell and we do not eat pork either. Thanks for playing “discover a jew” for the edification of our humor.

    Shame wagered hate for any one to have human rights today.

    They like to go after your human rights.

    • So you think his facts are wrong? No need to go further than the backlash that Ivanka Trumps rabbi got, for agreeing to speak at the RNC convention…


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