Watch: Daddy Dear (MBD) by Shimmy Levy ft. Levy Falkowitz & Shulem Brodt

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Enjoy a heartfelt rendition of the oldie masterpiece “Daddy dear” performed by Shimmy Levy Productions Featuring Levy Falkowitz and Shulem Brodt.

“Daddy dear” was originally named “Father Dear” recorded by MBD on Yerushalayim Our Home (1988) [retitled “Daddy Dear” on The English Collection] initially arranged by Mona Rosenblum

Watch and enjoy!

Music by: Shimmy Levy
Vocals: Levy Falkowitz & Shulem Brodt
Live sound engineer: David Bernath
Mix and master: Yaniv Balas
Post edit: MK Studio
Video and edit: Motty Engel
Production manager: David Bernath

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Shimmy Levy Productions
Twitter/Instagram: @ShimmyLevy

Levy Falkowitz
Twitter/Instagram: @LevyFalkowitz

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Daddy dear, tell me please
Is it true what they say
In the heavens there’s a cup
That gets fuller each day
And I’ve heard that Hashem
keeps it close nearby
And He fills it with His tears
Each time that we cry

Grandpa told me, Daddy dear
Did he tell you the same
That when sorrow strikes His people
Hashem feels all the pain
Tell me why does He cry
Far away in the sky
Tell me why, Daddy dear
Are there tearsin your eyes

Little one, little one
Is it true? Yes, it’s true
Grandpa told me years ago
And his dad told him too
Fathers cry for their children
And Hashem does the same
When we hurt, so does He
Yes he feels our pain

Tears of pity from His eyes
In his cup sadly flow
Till one day when it’s full
All out troubles will go
We will dance, we will fly
In the sky like the birds
And I cry, little one
‘Cause I’m touched by your words

One more question, Daddy dear
Answer please, if you will
Just how deep is this cup
Tell me when will it fill
DOn’t you think it is time
that the sun forever shine
DOn’t you think it is time
Dear Daddy of mine

Little one, it is time
And I’ve questioned that too
So Let us ask Him together
Together me and you
Father dear, do You hear
Our worries, our fears
Will your eyes ever dry
Is your cup filled with tears


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