WATCH: De Blasio’s Hypocritical War On The Jewish Neighborhoods

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    • Right. That is exactly what the communists and other anti-Semitic groups said.

      I was a “useful idiot” who truly believed that De Blasio was mostly motivated by safety concerns. Until his blatant hypocrisy made it impossible for me to continue doing so

    • Really? So when this guy who ordered everyone locked-in then ordered the distribution of “free” non-kosher and “free” hallal food so those guys who are locked-in do not starve, but, at the same time he refused to give out kosher food, then it was only because the Jews broke the law while these other guys never, ever break the law?

    • Seeing as the video mentioned the Jewish funeral, then just what law was broken (by the Jews) when they obtained a permit from the mayor’s office and police cordoned off the streets to allow the procession to social-distance in the expanded area? Yet he still sent in more police to kick the Jewish in public for actually following the law.

    • Na, he’s too dumb and stupid to pull that off. Bl$$mberg wa$ able to do it becau$e he paid off the co$$upt City Council.

  1. With crazy liberals he could be mayor for life. Good thing the fancy liberal neighborhoods got looted. Maybe it will knock some sense into these manhattan liberals.


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