Watch: Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee Denounces “WIKIPEDIA” For Leaked Hillary Emails


Someone should probably tell Democratic congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee that Wikipedia isn’t dropping the leaks of Hillary’s emails, says John Binder of American Lookout.

During an interview on MSNBC, Jackson Lee said she denounced “Wikipedia” for the Democrats’ leaks of emails.

“You know that first of all I’m going to denounce the utilization of this intrusion by Wikipedia through Russia,” Jackson Lee said.

Take a look:



  1. well citizens of Houston Texas this is who you vote to be your representative for many years, and I am sure you will keep on voting for her. I also think she was the one that did not know Arizona and New Mexico are border states, I hope she knows that Texas, the state she is representing is a border state but who knows????

  2. Ms. Jackson is all the proof you need, that the voters of this country are dumb. You have a bunch of couch potatoes deciding who should be in power to rule over us?! They have got to pass a law that one can only vote if they have a high school diploma or a legitimate GED. We have got to take our Nation back.


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