Watch: Democrats Move From ‘Quid Pro Quo’ To ‘Bribery’


Democrats focus impeachment on bribery and Ukraine; ‘Special Report’ host Bret Baier weighs in.



  1. Jeff Sessions BREAKS Silence On Impeachment, Leaves Democrats SPEECHLESS
    They are trying to push this under the rug…
    According to Breitbart News, Jeff Sessions joined fellow Republicans in scolding Democrats about their impeachment efforts.
    He stated, “This is a very serious time for America. It does not appear to me that they have the kind of evidence that would justify going forward. I called it a show trial. What’s a show trial? When you’ve decided the person is guilty and then you pretend to have a trial for show. So this is the kind of thing that I think is concerning to a lot of people. The Constitution says impeachment is not anything Congress says it is. It says it’s for conviction of treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors. Those are restraining laws in our Constitution that restrains Congress, and they need to be faithful to their responsibilities.”
    “And fundamentally I would just urge our Democratic members of Congress to think deeply about the future of this country, the danger to this republic that would occur if we continue to prosecute people basically because we don’t like them or we have a political disagreement,” he added.

    • That’s very nice. Where was Jeff Sessions when he was the Attorney General??? Why did he let the minority democrats, at the time, beat him down? Why was he petrified of the Thought Police in the DNC controlled media?


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