Watch: Dershowitz Rips Mueller For His Recent Statement


Alan Dershowitz discusses Mueller’s recent comments on his report.



  1. Alan Dershowitz is a very smart man with an intelligent power of speech. I’m surprised he doesn’t know that Mueller was appointed by President Trump as per his promise during election that if he’ll win, he’ll get a Special Counsel to look into Hillary’s criminal activities, as well as the corruptions of other politicians – which are, most likely, the “redacted” parts of Mueller’s findings and the upcoming DECLAS. Mueller was NOT appointed to search for the Russian hoax. He (and Trump) just played along with the Democrats and RINOs in order to shut them up for 2 years so that he can do his job undisturbed. Had they known what he’s doing, there’d be riots all day long and he’d long been suicided.


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