Watch: Disguised As Stone-Throwers, Undercover Israeli Forces Arrest Palestinians

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In a matter of seconds, the men wearing scarves over their faces and throwing stones along with a group of Palestinians pulled out their guns, opened fire and blew their cover.

“Mustarabiin!” [or mistaarvim in Hebrew] rang out among the crowd of about 100 Palestinians who had been hurling stones at Israeli soldiers for several hours at the Bet El checkpoint outside Ramallah. The term refers to Israeli soldiers dressed like Arabs to carry out military missions.

The incident on Wednesday, captured on video by an AFP journalist, offered a rare glimpse of what appeared to be Israeli troops embedded with a group of Palestinian stone-throwers.

The undercover agents on Wednesday grabbed and beat one man while opening fire as stones flew toward them. One of the agents also appeared to shoot the man in the thigh at point-blank range.


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  1. While it seems to appear that one of the agents shot the man in the thigh at point-blank range, however from the way he resisted arrest and carried on afterwards it would be clear that he was uninjured by any bullet.

  2. Israeli government is more than capable to stop all these islamonazi acts of terrorism. Instead, they spend most of their energy to combat mythical Jewish “extremists”. Judenrat of our time?!

  3. Just wait till Susan Rice see’s this video. The Kenyan will condemn in the strongest terms such violence used by the IDF against these innocent freedom fighters.

  4. This is the exact way to deal with stone throwers, but I would like tot see some additional fatal measures or more sever beatings. Then it will stop.


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