Watch: Docs Show CIA Briefed Obama On Hillary’s Plan To Link Trump To Russia

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  1. This is not true. DNI director has redacted the parts that matter the memo stated that Russia was going to make it look like Hillary is trying to link Trump to Russia, like she was trying to frame him. The writer of the memo (Brennan)has stated this. FOX, BREITBART, NEWSMAX want to distract from Covid.
    New England Journal of Medicine as stated
    Why has the United States handled this pandemic so badly? The Editors note that although we came into this crisis with enormous advantages, our current political leaders have demonstrated that they are dangerously incompetent.
    This is what is important. If people in the Obama administration committed crimes they would be arrested.Trump tweeted Biden should not be allowed to run against him. He is desperate and he is corrupting our intelligence community our DOJ. These memos are a distraction and are being distorted.

    • The United States handled it quite well only the DemocRAT governors handled it miserably like Gov. Cuomo who is responsibly for 5,000 deaths.

      • Read NEJM. STOP USING THE WORD RAT. Historically Jews have been dehumanize y antisemites when they made cartoons depicting JEWS as rats, referring to JEWS as rats. Truman was a democrat, he ensured there is anIsrael state, Johnson gave Levi Eshkol the planes they needed, Eshkol visited the Democratic President at his ranch, you like social security and medicare that also was a democratic President, stop with petty and foolish insults.

      • NEJM-Dying in a leadership vacuum. The resources available to the federal government is way greater than a state. We pay federal taxes for a reason. NY was one of the first states hit, they had to beg for help and if you did not publicly praise Trump you get nothing. Coumo made mistakes, he is not President and when Coumo is up for re-election vote him out.

        • You seem to hope we are that ignorant. The reason the federal taxes are so high is because the past federal (and state) governments have been “buying” votes by giving away an obscene amount of BORROWED money to every lunatic cause out there, with more and more departments to “protect” us from everything we (allegedly) do to ourselves and our environment, as promoted by the so-called mainstream media (and, of course, the entrenched bureaucracy itself, including the military-industrial complex to name but one).

          It was Trump who is hated for pulling that back (as much as possible while being sabotaged by the entrenched system) – and (for example) sent the military to supply hospital beds (which the Democrats barely used) and (for example) convinced the industrial system to ramp up production of necessary materials and equipment. The complaint about not doing their job on behalf of the American people belongs to Obama who trashed (and outsourced) the American industrial system so that the U.S. no longer had any production system on-shore for such things as many of medical equipment/supplies required.

          • Donald Trump and Ivanka manufacture all their products in China. Ivanka is busy getting patents in China. Trumps campaign merchandise is made in China. Biden’s campaign merchandise is MADE IN AMERICA.
            Companies move overseas it has nothing to do with the President.
            This country subsidizes farmers whose avg. median income is 150,000. Trump has given billions to farmers bec. Of his failed trade war with China. China has found new soy suppliers. Goldman saks believes Biden will be better for the country.

    • “want to distract from Covid” If anything, it’s the other way around. It’s the Covid hoax that’s distracting from what’s actually happening in the world.
      “If people in the Obama administration committed crimes they would be arrested.” Ha! Ha! Ha! This is what’s happening in the world. Go get me Obama! Get me Hillary! Get me anyone from the Obama’s administration (not their clones)!

    • People like you with your fake propaganda is the reason Trump has now ordered all the documents released unredacted. He did the the same with his phone call to Ukraine when the Democrats (who obviously felt Trump could never release the conversation for fear of foreign governments would never want to talk to someone who releases such things) trashed him with their lies about what was communicated during the conversation (but Trump caught the Democrat liars off guard and simply released it anyway), so this technique of yours is hardly original (and we see the pattern here).

      • Do not take seriously the documents are going to be released unredacted. The govt. tried to charge McCabe twice,a grand jury wouldn’t do it. There is no there there. Barr knows it. The only people who keep being sent to prison are Trump associates. I know what is in the memo because the person who wrote it has said what was in it under oath.

  2. Hey “Trump is a danger…” if the parts of the memo that “matter” were redacted, how come you (and only you) know what was in it?

  3. the biggest problem with the democrats is that many things they are promoting go against our hashkofah, such as abortion and gender identity. therefore, i may not be voting FOR trump, but rather AGAINST biden and that’s a terrible way to choose a leader


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