Watch: Does Trump Deserve The Credit For The Dow’s Rise?

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The Dow is up 1,000 points in 7 sessions; FBN’s Charles Payne takes a closer look at the numbers for ‘The Story.’




    • The difference is by Clinton it was just a bubble that was deflated with crash of 2000 and 5 trillion dollars in wealth vanished which is not the case now.

  1. Mainstream media are trying to give Obama credit for the Dow’s rise but this is false and laughable.

    When Obama was elected President the Dow sat at 9,625. Over the next four months the Dow steadily tanked to AN ALL TIME LOW AMOUNT UNDER THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION of 6,547 on March 9th of 2009 for a decrease in the Dow of nearly a third (32 percent). The markets really could not have gone any lower.

    President Obama is one of only six Presidents since 1900 to not have a single stock market high in their first term in office.

    It took four years for Obama to increase the market 36 percent while President TRUMP INCREASED the Dow by 35 percent at the end of HIS FIRST YEAR ALONE.

    Obama increased the all time high by 4,472 since 2007 when he was elected, while President Trump has increased the all time high by more than 6,600 points since he was elected President – in less than a year!

    • On the morning before Obama was elected my friends asked how the market will react if he won I said it will be down 1000 points by Friday, Lo and behold it was down 1,018 points mid day Thursday.

  2. To an extent, yes, he does.
    There are many factors in the stock market’s behavior and one of them is the perception of whether or not the administration is pro-business. If people think companies will make more money due to lower taxes, better trade agreements, fewer regulations and restrictions, etc. they will be more interested in owning stock.

    • Trump deserves the credit 100%.

      Obama was no economic genius. He is the only President since at least the 1940’s to never see the US GDP increase by more than 3% during his time in office and the stock markets reflected this.


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